Toddler Program (Ages 15 months-3)

The Montessori Toddler program is a prepared environment that is designed to encourage and promote independence for children fifteen months (or walking well) to two and a half to three years old. …read more

Primary Program (Ages 3-6)

Our Montessori Primary program is an especially prepared environment geared to the size, pace and interest of children 2 and a half to six years of age. The children are a community of workers who act on their own initiative- meeting needs through individual, spontaneous activities.  …read more

Elementary Program (Ages 6-12)

The elementary child is no longer content with the fact that things exist. Now he wants to know how and why they exist, how and why they function as they do.  …read more



Middle School (Ages 12-15)

Mead’s Middle School program offers lessons with practical applications that allow students to improve their communities through occupation-based projects.  …read more