Mead Montessori School

Mead Montessori School Main Campus

School History

Mead Montessori School’s south campus is located two miles from Downtown Knoxville in the Island Home community, less than a half mile from Ijams Nature Center.  The historic Mead School was built in 1936 as a WPA project to provide schooling for the quarry workers of Mead’s quarry.
Mead Montessori Primary Outdoor Classroom
Open as a public school from 1937 to 1959, many of the school’s students and faculty still reside in the area. The building sat abandoned and empty for decades until two local visionaries rescued the school and brought it back to life.

Founded in 2008, Mead Montessori School is delighted to have found a home in this amazing building, which is such an interesting part of Knoxville history.  Our South Campus currently serves as a private school to Toddler, Primary, Elementary and Adolescent communities.